What makes a horse a horse?

Thema: Kultur
Schlagworte: Archäologie, Bildende Kunst und Geschichte
Altersgruppe: Alle
Zielgruppe: Barrierefrei, Experten, Familien mit Kindern, Gruppen, In English, Jugendliche, Lehrkräfte & Schüler:innen und Studierende

Animals, people, things: Our lives are filled with a constant stream of information which gets categorised and memorised so that we are able to recognise whatever we see the next time we see it. Even if we've never seen an elephant in real life, we all know what they look like. But what makes an elephant an elephant? Or, for something closer to home, what makes a horse a horse? Pop by to show us!

Our world consists of a constant stream of information. We see and hear things, animals and people constantly and often recognise those subjects we've seen before. When we see something new, it is categorised in our memory so we will be able to recognise it next time. Even if we've never seen something in real life, be it an elephant, a 4-meter long crocodile or the pyramids in Egypt, we all know what they look like thanks to the internet. Even before the internet people make drawings, paintings and statues which enabled other people to see what certain exotic animals or objects looked like. But what makes an elephant and elephant, or, closer to home, a horse a horse? We are all able to tell the difference betwen horses, donkeys and zebras, even though they sometimes look quite alike. Which elements within an image are responsible for making the horse recognisable as a horse, and not a donkey? Does your elephant need a truk? Does your giraffe needs its spots? Does your horse need ears? Come look at how other cultures drew their animals and try it out yourself! 


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