How do we like to coordinate with others? - A Joint Action experiment with Magic Balloons!

Thema: Gesellschaft
Schlagworte: Biologie und Soziales
Altersgruppe: 7 - 14 Jahre und 14+ Jahre
Zielgruppe: In English, Jugendliche, Lehrkräfte & Schüler:innen und Studierende

Why do we fall into synchrony when we are walking next to each other on the street? Why do we chant in unison, and why does it feel almost magical when we say the same thing at the same time without previously rehearsing it? At this station, you will get familiar with an experiment that aims to answer questions about an important and exciting element of movement coordination: synchronization.

Durchschnittliche Verweildauer: 20 Minuten

Maximale Kapazität der Station: 2 Personen

Illustration of the experiment

Together we can achieve anything - but how would we achieve it, and how would we feel about each other in the process? In this experiment, participants can try out how (well) they can coordinate with other people in a fun and interactive way. With experiments like this, we learn about the social brain, and why two are needed to dance the tango - or to inflate virtual balloons! 


Anfahrtsbeschreibung: Von der U1 Station Reumannplatz mit den Straßenbahnen 6 und 11 (Schrankenberggasse) direkt erreichbar. 5 Gehminuten von der D-Wagen Station Absberggasse.

Dieser Ausstellungsstandort ist barrierefrei zugänglich und verfügt über barrierefreie Toiletten.

Central European University
Department of Cognitive Science
The Social Mind and Body Group (SOMBY)
Central European University (CEU)
Quellenstrasse, 51, 1100 Wien


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