How social are human minds?

Thema: Gesellschaft
Schlagworte: Biologie und Soziales
Altersgruppe: 14+ Jahre
Zielgruppe: In English

In this talk, Natalie Sebanz will give a short overview of psychological research at CEU that addresses our ability to engage in social interaction. We will explain how we measure people's ability to take others' perspective, to coordinate with others, and to communicate, using behavioral and neuroscientific methods. You will get to learn more about your own and others' social nature!

Research on the human mind has become more and more focused on the question of how our minds enable us to engage in social interactions with others. At CEU, the Social Mind and Body group investigates how we take others' perspective, how we coordinate our decisions and actions with others, and how we communicate. We are also interested in people's tendency to identify with particular groups and to prefer interactions with in-group rather than out-group members. In this short talk, Natalie Sebanz will give an overview of our research, highlighting key questions and our main methodological approaches. Through many examples, she will show how fun and how challenging it is to study the mind and brain in social interaction.


Anfahrtsbeschreibung: Von der U1 Station Reumannplatz mit den Straßenbahnen 6 und 11 (Schrankenberggasse) direkt erreichbar. 5 Gehminuten von der D-Wagen Station Absberggasse.

Dieser Ausstellungsstandort ist barrierefrei zugänglich und verfügt über barrierefreie Toiletten.

Central European University
Department of Cognitive Science
The Social Mind and Body Group (SOMBY)
Central European University (CEU)
Quellenstrasse, 51, 1100 Wien
Tiered Room D-001 on floor E1


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Dieser Talk ist Teil der Vortragsreihe "What is Cognitive Science? How to Study the Human Mind?".

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