How effective are children's active learning strategies? How do children learn so much about the world and so efficiently?

Thema: Naturwissenschaften
Schlagworte: Biologie
Altersgruppe: bis 7 Jahre und 7 - 14 Jahre
Zielgruppe: Familien mit Kindern

The Max Planck Research Group iSearch investigates theoretically and empirically how children actively search for information in their physical and social environments to obtain clues for testing and revising their hypotheses over time. We have developed several fun tablet games aimed at comprehensively assessing children's active learning performance from a developmental perspective.

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The idea of active learning is now widespread and has found its way into many educational systems and academic settings around the world. The term "active learning" refers to teaching methods that are characterized by more interaction and opportunities to influence the experience, methods, and content of learning. This type of active learning is considered ideal by many. This claim has been supported by recent experimental work showing that 5- to 10-year-old children, as well as adults, remembered what they learned better when they had active control over the learning experience, i.e. when they had the opportunity to decide what to learn, in what order, and for how long (Markant, DuBrow, Davachi, & Gureckis, 2014; Ruggeri, Markant, Gureckis, & Xu, 2019; Fantasia, Markant, Perri, Valeri, & Ruggeri, 2020). To find out what strategies children use on their own to do this and how effective their active learning strategies are, we developed several interactive tablet games for children and adults.


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All games and studies are conducted with the help of tablets. They all begin with a short introductory phase in which the children are familiarized with the rules of the game. This is followed by the actual game phase in which they can put their hands on and try out the games themselves!

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