Everyday obstacles – through the eyes of Roma Hungarians

Thema: Gesellschaft
Schlagworte: Medien und Soziales
Altersgruppe: 14+ Jahre
Zielgruppe: Experten, Gruppen, In English, Jugendliche, Lehrkräfte & Schüler:innen und Studierende

What would you do if security guards followed you closely whenever you went shopping? And how would you feel if you could never get a chance to rent a flat for yourself? Our research team collaborated with young Roma volunteers from Hungary creating documentaries bravely showing examples of the discrimination they face during routine activities in their daily lives. Disucuss with creators and researchers.

Durchschnittliche Verweildauer: 60 Minuten

Maximale Kapazität der Station: 65 Personen

This program features two short advocacy documentaries by CEU academic staff that were part of the Misrecognition of Minorities in Europe (MisMiE) project, a collaboration among a number of European Universities, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. The project’s aim was to develop an understanding of misrecognition as a major dimension in the contemporary experience of minorities in Europe.  The research team collaborated with young Roma volunteers who bravely showed us examples of the discrimination they face during routine activities in their daily lives, such as shopping or renting a flat. The videos were picked up as a story by the Hungarian independent news outlets, and and the television program RTL Fókusz, and have gotten over 570 000 views.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with creators and researchers: Luca Váradi, Assistant Professor in CEU’s Nationalism Studies Program, Jeremy Braverman, Head of the Library’s Media Hub and Media & Visual Education Specialist, and Adam Hushegyi, Media Hub Assistant, along with colleagues Anna Kende from the Department of Social Psychology at ELTE, Budapest. 


Anfahrtsbeschreibung: Von der U1 Station Reumannplatz mit den Straßenbahnen 6 und 11 (Schrankenberggasse) direkt erreichbar. 5 Gehminuten von der D-Wagen Station Absberggasse.

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