Experiment / Vorführung
Music as a Historical Source and Act of Commemoration: Songs from Testimonies at the Fortunoff Archive

Thema: Gesellschaft und Kultur
Schlagworte: Bildung, Musik und Soziales
Altersgruppe: 10 bis 14 Jahre, 14 bis 18 Jahre und ab 18 Jahre
Zielgruppe: Barrierefrei und In English

The Fortunoff Video Archive contains more than 4,300 video testimonies of Holocaust survivors and witnesses. In many of these testimonies, survivors recount poetry and song. The Archive has conducted extensive research on many of these songs, and produced a series of recordings based on the archival materials as part of its Songs from Testimonies.

Concert Songs from Testimonies

Join the Director of the Fortunoff Archive and learn more about this ongoing ethnomusicological research and performance project, and the richness of this form of audiovisual documentation through the presentation of testimony excerpts, in context, as well as concert footage of Zisl Slepovitch and Ensemble. 

  • Stephen Naron, Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, Yale University


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