Energy At the Threshold of the Visible World

Thema: Energie und Technik
Schlagworte: Architektur, Bildende Kunst und Ressourcen
Altersgruppe: 6 bis 10 Jahre, 10 bis 14 Jahre, 14 bis 18 Jahre und ab 18 Jahre

Energy is a scientific concept, but also part of discourse and deeply related to power structures. To borrow the term from Donna Haraway, it is part of the ‘natureculture’ of the modern world; it can be studied historically while it is part of natural complexity and a description of a scalar physical quantity that can be measured, transformed and transferred.


Entangled in the physical and the political, thermodynamic and metabolic, geologic and corporeal, extractive and renewable, landscapes and bodies, energy remains a part of the modern world that is particularly abstract and obscure.Visualizations of energy, past and present, are critical as they translate scientific research and data into other fields, displaying the entanglements of energy. They have the potential to become signs, by bringing together the signifier, the signified and the perceiver. In such images, scientific knowledge and aesthetics go hand in hand, and energy enters the threshold of the visible world. 
This exhibition brings together the historical visualizations of energy along with the work of artists and architects reflecting on the colors, images and representations of energy.
Works by Hubert Dobler, Exikon, Barbara Kapusta, Mathias Kessler, Galo Patricio Moncayo Asan, Michael Wang
Concept and Organisation: Tülay Atak and Bernhard Sommer with Galo Patricio Moncayo Asan, Malgorzata Sommer-Nawara, Florian Zeif , Daniil Zhiltsov; graphic design: Annija Česka.
Funded by the INTRA program of the University of Applied Arts Vienna


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