RIZA - der Pilz/ Myzelium und der menschliche Körper - eine Beziehung?

Thema: Kultur
Schlagworte: Bildende Kunst
Altersgruppe: 7 - 14 Jahre und 14+ Jahre

Rhiza is an interspecies connector that invites you to become part of the communication between her mycelium and oyster mushrooms. The oyster mushrooms and the mycelium in the tower continuously exchange biodata through electrical signals. These electrical signals are picked up by the biosensors and translated into vibrations that you can feel by standing with your bare feet on the mycelium floor-pads.

Rhiza emerged as an aspiration to enable human beings to transgress their own species and connect with otherness in multiple ways. This complex network with its subtle blend of cooperation and conflict can be seen as an example of how we relate with each other, and our environmental systems. Just like human society, this growing inter-species society is characterized by variety, with its capacity to help and to hinder, to cooperate and to exploit. Nature is built on connections, and so are we.

Credits: Project technical supervisor: Laurent Mignonneau, Mycology supervisor: Taro Knopp (MNS-STWSTnode)

Artist: Noor Stenfert Kroese


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