TELE_CODE - wer ist Anne Lister und was versteht man unter Kryptographie?

Thema: Kultur
Schlagworte: Bildende Kunst, Informationstechnologie und Medien
Altersgruppe: 14+ Jahre

Tele_Code is a video game that takes the player into a world of encrypted teletext pages. The game aims to introduce a broader audience to cryptography and how it has been used historically by queer people for safe communication, as well as the lack of representation and access to information about LGBTQ+ topics within the Austrian education system.

For centuries cryptography was used to ensure information secrecy and safe communication. Historically, queer people have had to use various codes and signals to indicate their sexual orientation to each other without being put in danger. Tele_Code aims to shine a light on these hidden parts of history, as there is still a huge gap within our education system in regards to LGBTQ+ topics in subjects like history, sexual education and political science. Inspired by Anne Lister, who used a substitution cypher to write about her relationships with women within her almost 5 million word diaries, the single-player video game takes the player into a maze full of encoded teletext pages, where they must find hints that reveal parts of the cipher and unlock the last room where they find information on queer history coded language as well as a list of organisations and resources which work on more inclusion of LGBTQ+ topics in Austrian education.

Artist: Sara Koniarek


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