Experiment / Vorführung
The Future Past Illusion

Thema: Gesundheit und Naturwissenschaften
Schlagworte: Biologie und Psychologie
Altersgruppe: 10 bis 14 Jahre, 14 bis 18 Jahre und ab 18 Jahre
Zielgruppe: Barrierefrei und In English

Did you actually lock your door, or do you just think you did because you usually do? Our brain constantly predicts what’s next. Find out in our hands-on experiment whether you’re remembering the past correctly, and if not, why!

Durchschnittliche Verweildauer: 5 Minuten

We live in a dynamic world full of unfolding events. Representing and predicting changes in objects is a fundamental challenge for the human mind. For instance, when playing catch, we not only encode the ball’s current location but also predict where it will go next. People misremember objects as being displaced forward in time along their moving trajectories, a phenomenon called Representational Momentum. Objects also change in other ways, for instance, when an ice cube melts, it transforms into a puddle of water. In such state changes, many essential qualities of the object transform. This demonstration aims to show the replication of Hafri et al’s (2022) work to explore whether Representational Momentum effects extend to changes of state.


Anfahrtsbeschreibung: Von der U1 Station Reumannplatz mit den Straßenbahnen 6 und 11 (Schrankenberggasse) direkt erreichbar. 5 Gehminuten von der D-Wagen Station Absberggasse.

Dieser Ausstellungsstandort ist barrierefrei zugänglich und verfügt über barrierefreie Toiletten.

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Central European University (CEU)
Quellenstrasse, 51, 1100 Wien


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People come to the station (max: 5) and I will give them some basic background and introduction about the demonstration. After that, they can have hands-on experience one by one using my laptop. When all the participants (5 at one round) are done with the experiments, I can pull out their data and compare their reaction time and average Frame Error to the data we had. Then, another round of demonstrations can start.

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