How smart are babies? Do the KiKo-quiz to find out!

Thema: Gesundheit und Naturwissenschaften
Schlagworte: Biologie und Psychologie
Altersgruppe: 6 bis 10 Jahre, 10 bis 14 Jahre, 14 bis 18 Jahre und ab 18 Jahre
Zielgruppe: In English

Babies are capable of much more than commonly assumed. How much do you know about the developing minds of infants? Do the quiz to learn more about the questions that have been recently studied.

Behavioural study

It is a common assumption that babies do not know much about this world as if they would start out as a blank slate. However, studies of the last few decades have shown that this is a profound misconception. Despite the fact that babies cannot express themselves verbally, many cognitive abilities are already formed. Impressive learning processes take place which AI simply cannot imitate, e.g., building a fundamental understanding of categories. In this quiz you can test your knowledge and/or intuition about the amazing abilities of babies and also learn about the methods that are used to investigate early childhood cognition.


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