How can we personalize exoskeletons?

Thema: Technik
Schlagworte: Mobilität
Altersgruppe: 10 bis 14 Jahre, 14 bis 18 Jahre und ab 18 Jahre
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The station is an exhibition of a hand exoskeleton. This device, designed for individuals with hand impairments, showcases the fusion of 3D scanning and printing to create a tailored assistive mechanism. Experience how it interprets user intentions to aid in daily activities and rehabilitation exercises, all while being lightweight and efficient.

exoskeleton of a hand

A hand exoskeleton designed for rehabilitation and daily assistance can be explored at this station. This device is created through a meticulous process involving 3D scans of the patient's hand to ensure a perfect fit, maximizing comfort. The exoskeleton's components are 3D printed, tailored to each finger, supporting both flexion and extension movements. It incorporates force and position sensors to intuitively detect user intentions, enabling seamless operation. Our exhibit will showcase the engineering behind this technology, from the custom-fit design to the innovative use of lightweight materials, ensuring the device remains under 300 grams for user comfort. Visitors will gain insight into the significant potential this exoskeleton holds for transforming the lives of individuals with hand impairments, offering a glimpse into the future of personalized medical devices. See first-hand (pun intended ;)) how a device can be tailored, rapidly prototyped and used for assistance and rehabilitation.



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1.            Display and description of the process, from 3D scan to model to print

2.            Display and description of the device itself via an interface to control the motion of the exoskeleton on an artificial

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