Would you like to “touch” the Chinese culture?

Thema: Gesellschaft und Kultur
Schlagworte: Geschichte, Literatur, Musik, Sport und Sprachen
Altersgruppe: Alle
Zielgruppe: Barrierefrei, für Gruppen & Schulklassen und In English

Step into the vibrant world of Chinese culture with us! Experience the artistry of Chinese calligraphy, witness the grace of Kung Fu demonstrations, and challenge your skills with a chopsticks game. Dive into the melodic realm of the traditional musical instrument, and unleash your creativity. Engage in informative workshops to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and art.

China holds a richness of cultural traditions

Chinese calligraphy practice offers a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in this ancient art form. Engaging in graceful strokes and intricate characters, individuals can refine their skills under the guidance of the instructor, gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural significance embedded in each brushstroke. Similarly, Chinese Kungfu demonstration and exercise sessions provide a dynamic experience for enthusiasts to witness the fluidity and precision of martial arts techniques. Participants not only observe captivating displays but also actively engage in exercises to embody the essence of this traditional practice. For those seeking a playful challenge, the Chopsticks Challenging Game adds an element of fun to cultural exploration, requiring participants to master using chopsticks in a series of entertaining and skill-testing activities. The Exhibition of Chinese Traditional Musical Instrument and Art Pieces invites attendees to explore the melodic world of instruments like the Guzheng. Additionally, participants can unleash their creativity by crafting their art pieces inspired by the intricate designs and symbolism found in Chinese traditional art.


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We showcase Chinese calligraphy, traditional artwork, and a Chinese musical instrument, while also offering demonstrations of Chinese Kung Fu (needs proper space to demonstrate and exercise). Participants will acquire a profound understanding of the cultural significance associated with each element and have the chance to engage interactively.

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